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New Forum

Wow has been a while since I visited LJ!!! Sorry to abandon you all!

I have been so busy!! The website's still going strong and have just added a forum Animates Anime Forum, if any of you want to drop in to chat. Have only just added today so I'm the only sad, lonely member, lol.

I'm not going to be keeping up with this community as you can probably tell, so it may slowly fade away... awww.

Anyways, I've been up to all sorts, have really gotten into reading manga and have started my own amateurish attempts at making my own - have just bought Manga Studio Debut and spent all of last night trying (without much notable success) to figure out how it works... Oh well I'll get the hang of it eventually!!

Talk to you all soon!!!

character of anime

Name:Gunter Von Christ
Anime/Manga:Kyo Kara Maou
Other name of Anime/Manga:Kyo Kara Maoh,God Save Our King
Race:Mazoku (aka Demons)
Role:the teacher of Yuri Shibuya,the demon King
Background:one of the 10 noble families that help the Demon King rule the country
characteristic:elegant,dignified gifted with talent in battle and scholarly matter