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Animates Anime

For all things anime...

AniMates Anime
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The Animates Anime Community is for people to talk about animes recently viewed, receive recomendations from others, post icons, fan-fic and fan-art and respond to challenges. It is a great opportunity to make friends and talk about shared interests...

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As a maintainer I will try to keep the Community as up-to-date as possible.
As a result there are regular posts that you may see.

1) Conversation Topics - To get the ball rolling so to speak I will post Conversation Topics to try and get people talking about either a specific anime or respond to a specific general question. These are usually posted every other day or so depending on how busy I am. This does not prevent other members from posting Conversation Topics; if you would like a question answered or would like to get talking about something you're particularly interested in then post your own Conversation Topic. Please refer to the Guidelines for Posting below.

2) Episode Summaries - The Community was put together after the creation of my website
www.animatesanime.co.uk which is a fansite dedicated to anime. It's only in the beginning stages, so there aren't many anime's on there, but there are details about some; you can find a description of selected series, character pages, galleries and episode summaries. Whenever I complete a new episode summary I will let you know through the Community, so you can go to the website and view the summary if you want to. Fair warning they are FULL summaries, so will contain SPOILERS for those of you who haven't seen the series. I aim to get at least one summary completed per week, but I may manage more or less, depending on my other commitments.

3)Picture of the Week - Every Wednesday I will post a Picture of the Week. This will usually be something I have managed to scrounge up off the web. It may be a screen capture from a particular anime, or it could even be fan-art of some sort. If you have any pictures you feel are deserving of Picture of the Week then you are free to post them as nominations, but please refer to the Posting Guidelines.

4)Member Milestones - When we reach a certain number of members I will post a Member Milestone. They will probably run in multiples of 10, so for each new 10 members I will make a post confirming the total. I may even post lj-user links for the newly joined members, but this will depend greatly on how big the community gets!!!

5)Icon Challenges - Sometimes I will post an Icon Challenge, so that members who are interested in icon-making can design an icon fitting certain requirements and other members can comment on their favourites and knick them if they're so inclined. I'll often provide screencaps to fit a specific challenge. Please be sure to credit any icons you take. It's only polite after all.

6)Fan-art Challenges - A Fan-art Challenge is very similar to the icon challenges and will rely a lot on each members imagination as you'll likely not even have screencaps to work with! Good Luck!

7)AniChallenge - AniChallenges can be random quizzes or memes that members can respond to by filling out, they can be about particular anime, or about anime in general.

8)Friend Exchange/Recommend-A-Friend - Occasionally there will be a Recommend-a-Friend or Friend Exchange post. Have you ever commented on your lj-friends journal and noticed someone else commenting who's also interested in the same things? Why is it we're too shy to go up and introduce ourselves? Because it's embarrassing that's why. Friend Exchange or Recommend-A-Friend gives each of us a chance to put ourselves and our lj-friends forward (only if they're willing of course, they might not want people bombarding them with requests to join their f-list) so we can meet other people with similar interests. Always check with your nominees first if recommending a friend, I beg of you!!!

9)Recommend-An-Anime - Every now and then we all come across a gem - something we've watched possibly with only passing interest and then completely obsess over and can't imagine ever going without it... Well now you can recommend whatever it is to the rest of us! Post your nomination along with a brief summary of what it's about and we'll be queuing up to go watch it!

10)Icon Contests - Once there are sufficient members to make this worthwhile I will start doing Icon Contests. These are different from Icon Challenges in that I may offer a 'Boobie' prize for the winner or give them the option of judging the next contest. I will probably only do one each month and the Winning Icon will be the Userpic for the Community for a spell. Winners also get posted on the website.

11)Fan-art Competitions - Also once there are enough members I will do Fanart Competitions, probably once a month like the Icon Contests. There may be a prize available for the winner as with the Icon Contest. The Winner will also get their Fan-art posted as the Fan-art Winner on the website.

12)Fan-Fic Competitions - Fan-fictions can be a great way of sparking our imaginations and we may in the near future start competitions for those interested in this. As above, a prize will likely be available for the winners!

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All members have posting priveleges, this is because I don't want anyone to feel limited by only the conversation topics I suggest. Members are free to make their own topics of conversation, but as such I ask that you all follow some simple guidelines, outlined below;

1)Titles - All posts must have a title, even if it's just 'Conversation Topic' or 'Blurb'. This is necessary so that specific posts are easier to find in the Archive when searching under 'subject'.

2)Images - All but one image must be under an lj-cut. The only people authorised to post more pictures/icons without a cut are moderators and at the moment that's just me and kayin_chan. Any image posted without a cut must be sized, so that it fits within the textbox area. Please refer to me for help if you need assistance doing this or consult the LJ FAQ's.

3)Links - On this particular community linking to outside websites is not permitted without prior permission. This is so I can check the site you're linking to outside and make sure it's appropriate. The only approved website for the community is the one it's named after. If you would like someone to look at an external website you must type the URL instead and then it will be up to the other members if they want to view that site. Links to other lj-users or communities are allowed.

4)Advertising - Members can promote other communities providing they are...
a. Related to Anime
b. Up-to-date (must have had posts within the last week)

Please do not spam the community with requests for people to join though - limit yourself to 1 post per 2 weeks if possible, I don't approve of ramming communities down peoples throats!

Affiliate Requests - To be made direct to me (Main Mod). Please place the title "Affiliate Request" in the subject line of the e-mail. In the main text please include a brief description of what the community is about with a link to the community so I can check the content. Any banners you would like included on our userinfo page also need to be in the e-mail!! If approved I will reply by e-mail and comment on the community in question letting you know then will add you to our userinfo page.

5)General Conduct - Spirited arguments and debates will no doubt occur on this comm, but there's no excuse for being personally abusive towards another member. This is not permitted under any circumstances. Members who make this error will be asked to leave. Fair warning.
I won't be monitoring every bit of content in each post - I'm not going to pounce on people for swearing or making a rude comment as long as you're not attacking anyone else you're free to voice your own opinion. Please respect each others views.
Finally, ENJOY it - natter to your hearts content about all your favourite anime series and I'll be sure to join in! ^_^

Main Mod - marchioness1 - In charge of day-to-day posts, Member Milestones, Pictures of the Week and general blurb etc. Contact by e-mail on marchioness@animatesanime.co.uk
Part-time Mod - kayin_chan - In charge of Fan-art, Fan-fic & Icon Competitions. Contact by e-mail on kayin_chan@animatesanime.co.uk

Animates Anime Convention 30th June 2007 WAS GREAT!!

How it works? Dress up as your favourite anime characters and take a picture then share your pic with the rest of us on the Animates Anime Convention Post!!

Any queries about the convention can be addressed to yours truly the main mod by e-mail. The first convention was great and we'll hopefully be planning another one in the Spring (poss around Feb/March time!)

Animates Anime Awards

Animates Anime Awards!!! 1st Anniversary, 28th November 2007

- Picture of the Year
- Fan-art of the Year
- Fan-fic of the Year
- AniChallenge of the Year
- Icon of the Year
- Episode Summary of the Year
- Anime of the Year
- Male Character of the Year
- Female Character of the Year
- Anime Mascot of the Year
- Anime Friend of the Year
- Most Active 1st Generation member
- Most Active 2nd Generation member
- Most Active 3rd Generation member
- Most Memorable Post of the Year
- Longest Thread of the Year

The winners have been decided!! Too bad if you didn't vote better luck for the next one!!!

ai yori aoshi, aishiteruze baby, akira, angelic layer, anime, arc the lad, argentosoma, ask dr rin, ayashi no ceres, azumanga daioh, beck, berserk, bleach, blood plus, card captor sakura, chobits, chrono crusade, cluster edge, comic party, cowboy bebop, crest of the stars, cutey honey, d.gray-man, da capo, dear boys, death note, digimon, dn angel, dragonball, el hazard, erementar gerad, es otherwise, escaflowne, evangelion, excel saga, fate stay night, final fantasy, flame of recca, fooly cooly, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, full metal panic, full moon wo sagashite, fushigi yugi, futakoi, gakuen alice, gate keepers, getbackers, ghost in the shell, girls bravo, good morning call, gravitation, groove adventure rave, gundam seed, gundam wing, hana yori dango, hand maid may, happy lesson, harukanaru, hellsing, hikaru no go, hunter x hunter, infinite ryvius, inuyasha, kaikan phrase, kaleido star, kamikaze thief jeanne, kanon, kare kano, karin, kiddy grade, king of bandit jing, knight hunters, kodomo no omocha, kokoro library, last exile, law of ueki, legend of himiko, licensed by royalty, loki ragnarok, love hina, loveless, macross zero, magikano, magister negi, mahoromatic, mai hime, maison ikkoku, marmalade boy, mars daybreak, meine liebe, mermaid melody pichi, midori no hibi, naruto, ninja scroll, noir, oh my goddess, one piece, onegai teacher, onegai twins, orphen, ouran, peace maker kurogane, pita ten, pretear, prince of tennis, rahxephon, ranma 1/2, read or die, rizelmine, rozen maiden, rurouni kenshin, saber marionette j, sailor moon, saiyuki, sakura wars, samurai 7, samurai champloo, samurai deeper kyo, school rumble, scrapped princess, scryed, serial experiments lain, shakugan no shana, shaman king, slam dunk, somedays dreamers, spiral, spirted away, stellvia, tactics, tenchi muyo, tenjou tenge, to heart, tokyo underground, trigun, tsubasa chronicles, twelve kingdoms, ultra maniac, vampire hunter d, vampire princess miyu, vandread, whistle, wild striker, witch hunter robin, wolfs rain, world of narue, yakitate japan, yu yu hakusho, yu-gi-oh